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Popular Activities in London


Central YMCA Club


1 Life - Willesden Sports Centre

Outdoor Fitness With Your Dog

Barking Fit - Battersea

Beginner Parkour Class

Parkour Generations -The Chainstore

Aqua Fit

Pools on the Park, Richmond

Body Balance 60 (Live)

Studio Society


Studio One Islington


-- NOT IN USE -- Kore Gallery - Fleet Street

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Rosie S

This has transformed my fitness! The flexibility of being able to go to a variety of places/classes has been super convenient - it works for me in loads of cities and I can team up with different friends to try new classes.

Giles M

Been doing it for about two and a half years and love it. So many choices at such a great price. And the motivational messages are always a good little spark to keep you focused.


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